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"Mora... is barely recognizable in the roles... bravely puts herself out there as she battles her demons in public.”

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"A brilliant one woman performance! Mora has given us a powerful intersectional narrative.” - Terence Keel, Associate Professor UCLA

"The Amazing Adventures of A Woman In Need” was written by Naima Mora and collaboratively brought to life with director Marishka S Phillips. The play celebrates four female archetypes, all on a journey navigating loneliness, love, survival, self-realization and the primal need to be cared for. 


This one woman show is a moving tear jerker where Mora couples delicate moments of human introspection with raw life lessons that will have you both crying and laughing at the same time!


Naima is seated as the narrator opening the play. In her opening monologue she precedes three other characters who both exemplify and simultaneously answer her questions of loneliness, self-sabotage and addiction; all of whom seem to be make believe friends come to life. Penelope, the supermodel who never dies, is challenged with a failing career as she ages out of being a catwalk staple in a relentlessly racist and agist fashion industry. Joanne, the self proclaimed stay at home dog mom, battles hallucinations brought on by years insanity and grief from countless miscarriages. Marisol Yanette Arnelis Rodriguez Lopez, the serial dater seeking modern day reparations, hands out valuable life lessons that navigate being a trauma survivor and what needs to be done to pay the bills. 


These characters will take you on a beautifully moving journey. 



Writer - Performer





"The characters that Mora has created and brilliantly performed leaves the audience empathetically connected to their joys, pains, and very nuanced lives." - Ife Catlett, Somatic Trauma Therapist

Penelope 2.JPG


The Supermodel who never dies

Joanne 2.JPG


The self proclaimed stay at home

dog mom

Marisol 2.JPG
Marisol yanette arnelis 
Rodriguez lopez

The serial dater seeking modern day reparations handing out free advice

"I laughed, I cried, and left in awe of Mora's fluid and accomplished storytelling" - Alison Novelli, Intimacy Coordinator, Cheek to Cheek Intimacy

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